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Michelson A.

PublicadoSeptiembre 2002
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Alan Michelson (Editor)
University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, U.S.A.

Features & Benefits

  • A single comprehensive source of state-of-the-art knowledge about platelets
  • Over 100 contributing authors from 13 countries
  • The authors of each chapter are world leaders in their fields
  • The definitive resource with 61 chapters, 1,100 pages (approx.), 12,000 references (approx.), 70 full color figures, 140 black and white figures, and 95 tables


"...this book, with its scope and depth, has much to offer clinicians, laboratory hematologists and academic researchers alike who are actively involved with platelets. ...arguably the most complete compendium available on the subject that was once regarded as merely 'blood dust'. The volume will make a valuable addition to hematology, departmental and institutional libraries alike as a definitive reference."
"...a must have for the shelf of physicians and scientists with more than a passing interest in platelet pathophysiology."
"... most up-to-date comprehensive standard work, which provides a superb reference for everyone interested in platelets."
"If you have no time to waste and want a book that is easy to read, concise, and to the point, then Platelets is the book for you."
-ARCH PATHOL LAB MED (November 2003)
"This 'tome' will be an excellent source for medical students who wish to specialize in transfusion medicine, as well as for practitioners in the field looking for a single-handed compilation of authoritative material for refreshing their knowledge."
-TRANSFUSION (December 2003)
" attractive and comprehensive compendium that is one of the first to appear on this important subject in more than a decade...Platelets will be a highly valued contemporary information resource both for scientists and investigators with an interest in one or more aspects of platelets...the book should be a component of medical and scientific libraries, as well as the specialized collections of those with clinical and research interests in platelets."
"...stands out as the most comprehensive and up-to-date review of platelets yet published."
"A hefty, comprehensive reference comprising 61 contributed chapters on those small cells with big roles."
—SCITECH BOOK NEWS (December 2002)
"Platelets is an excellent, beautifully organized text. The authors are the best in the world, and their efforts to provide definitive information on a broad range of subjects belnd well. Presentation is excellent. Without a doubt, the text will serve as a definitive resource for years to come."
"The book has many strengths...will find a place in many libraries, both general medical and personal collections. The material is of self sufficient quality and scope that many chapters will retain their value for years to come."


2002 Best New Book in Medical Science - Professional/Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers

Platelets is a comprehensive new textbook of 61 chapters and 1,100 pages (approx.) written by over 100 world leaders in the field. Platelets is a single definitive source of state-of-the-art knowledge about platelets. There has been no textbook that specifically and fully covers the entire field of platelet biology and clinical medicine. Platelets now fills this need. Platelets encompasses: platelet biology; platelet function testing; the role of platelets in disease; inherited and acquired disorders of platelet number and function; pharmacology of antiplatelet agents; pharmacology of agents to increase platelet numbers and/or function; platelet transfusion medicine; and gene therapy. The intended audience for Platelets includes hematologists, cardiologists, stroke physicians, blood bankers, pathologists, and researchers in thrombosis and hemostasis — as well as students and fellows in these fields.


Foreword: A Brief and Highly Selective History of Ideas About Platelets in Health and Disease. Barry S. Coller

Part One: Biology
1. The Evolution of Mammalian Platelets. Jack Levin
2. Megakaryocyte Development and Platelet Formation. Joseph E. Italiano, Jr., John H. Hartwig
3. Platelet Structure. John H. Hartwig
4. Platelet Turnover and Aging. Peter Batar, George L. Dale
5. Platelet Receptors. Kenneth J. Clemetson
6. The GPIb-IX-V Complex. José A. López, Michael C. Berndt
7. Integrin aIibß 3. Takaaki Hato, Mark H. Ginsberg, Sanford J. Shattil
8. Thrombin Receptors. Addison R. Tolentino, Wadie F. Bahou
9. P-Selectin/PSGL-1 and Other Interactions Between Platelets, Leukocytes, and Endothelium. Rodger P. McEver
10. Platelet Polymorphisms. Vahid Afshar-Kharghan, Paul F. Bray
11. Platelet Secretion. Guy L. Reed
12. Signal Transduction During the Initiation, Extension, and Perpetuation of Platelet Plug Formation. Donna Woulfe, Jing Yang, Nicolas Prevost, Peter J. O'Brien, Lawrence F. Brass
13. Platelet Thrombus Formation in Flowing Blood. Brian Savage, Zaverio M. Ruggeri
14. Interactions Between Platelets and the Coagulation System. Beth A. Bouchard, Saulius Butenas, Kenneth G. Mann, Paula B. Tracy
15. Platelet-Derived Microparticles. Rienk Nieuwland, Augueste Sturk
16. Platelet Function in the Newborn. Sara J. Israels

Part Two: Tests of Platelet Function
17. Platelet Count. Majed Refaai, Michael Laposata
18. The Bleeding Time. Stuart E. Lind
19. Platelet Aggregation. Majed Refaai, Michael Laposata
20. Flow Cytometry. Alan D. Michelson, Marc R. Barnard, Lori A. Krueger, A. L. Frelinger III, Mark I. Furman
21. Ultegra Rapid Platelet Function Analyzer. Steven R. Steinhubl, Dean J. Kereiakes
22. Platelet Function Analyzer (PFA)-100. John L. Francis
23. Cone and Plate(let) Analyzer. David Varon, Naphtali Savion
24. Perfusion Chambers. Philip G. de Groot, Jan J. Sixma
25. Animal Models. David H. Lee, Morris A. Blajchman

Part Three: The Role of Platelets in Disease
26. Atherosclerosis and Coronary Artery Disease. Pascal J. Goldschmidt, Nueza Lopes, Lawrence E. Crawford
27. Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease. Gregory J. del Zoppo
28. Peripheral Vascular Disease. Michael J. Rohrer
29. Diabetes Mellitus. Diethelm Tschoepe, Barbara Houtermans
30. Renal Disease. Jeffrey L. Barnes
31. Inflammation. Matthias H.F. Klinger
32. Antimicrobial Host Defense. Michael R. Yeaman, Arnold S. Bayer
33. Tumor Growth and Metastasis. Simon Karpatkin
34. Alzheimer Disease. Qiao-Xin Li, Konrad Beyreuther, Colin L. Masters
35. Psychiatric Disorders. George N. M. Gurguis, A. John Rush

Part Four: Disorders of Platelet Number and Function
36. The Clinical Approach to Disorders of Platelet Number and Function. Alan D. Michelson
37. Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura. James B. Bussel
38. HIV-1-related Thrombocytopenia. Simon Karpatkin
39. Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia. Beng H. Chong
40. Drug-induced Thrombocytopenia. Richard H. Aster
41. Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura and Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome. Joel L. Moake
42. Thrombocytopenia in Pregnancy. Howard H.W. Chan, Karamjit Gill, John G. Kelton
43. Thrombocytopenia in the Newborn. Irene A. G. Roberts, Neil A. Murray
44. Pseudothrombocytopenia. Nicola Bizzaro
45. Thrombocytosis and Essential Thrombocythemia. Ayalew Tefferi
46. Inherited Disorders of Platelet Function. Alan T. Nurden, Paquita Nurden
47. Acquired Disorders of Platelet Function. A. Koneti Rao
48. Cardiopulmonary Bypass. Brian R. Smith, Henry M. Rinder, Christine S. Rinder

Part Five: Pharmacology: Antiplatelet Therapy
49. Aspirin. Eric H. Awtry, Joseph Loscalzo
50. GPIIb-IIIa Antagonists. Ramtin Agah, Edward F. Plow, Eric J. Topol
51. Clopidogrel and Ticlopidine. Ronan Curtin, Dermot Cox, Desmond J. Fitzgerald
52. Dipyridamole. Wolfgang G. Eisert
53. Cilostazol. Yasuo Ikeda, Toshiki Sudo, Yukio Kimura

Part Six: Pharmacology: Therapy to Increase Platelet Numbers and/or Function
54. Thrombopoietin. David J. Kuter
55. Interleukin 11. Ullrich Schwertschlag, Katherine J. Turner, Paul Schendel
56. Desmopressin. Marco Cattaneo, P. Mannuccio Mannucci
57. Factor VIIa. Man-Chiu Poon

Part Seven: Transfusion Medicine
58. Platelet Storage and Transfusion. Peter L. Perrotta, Edward L. Snyder
59. Platelet Transfusion in Infants and Children. Anne L. Angiolillo, Naomi L. C. Luban
60. Platelet Substitutes and Novel Methods of Platelet Preservation. David H. Lee, Morris A. Blajchman

Part Eight: Gene Therapy
61. Gene Therapy for Platelet Disorders. David A. Wilcox, Gilbert C. White II

Readership: Cardiologists, hematologists, neurologists, blood bankers, and researchers in the field of thrombosis and hemostasis.

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