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Textbook of Radiation Oncology

Leibel, S.

PublicadoJunio 2004
Peso4.310 gramos
Dimensiones22 x 29 x 6 cms.
EditorialSaunders (W.B.) Co Ltd
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Thoroughly revised and updated, the 2nd Edition presents all of the latest advances in the field, including the most recent technologies and techniques. For each tumor site discussed, readers will find unparalleled coverage of multiple treatment plans, histology and biology of the tumor, its anatomic location and routes of spread, and utilization of specialized techniques. This convenient source also reviews all of the basic principles that underlie the selection and application of radiation as a treatment modality, including radiobiology, radiation physics, immobilization and simulation, high dose rate, intraoperative irradation, and more.


REVIEW OF THE LAST EDITION: "A major addition to the lexicon of radiation oncology, and anyone who anticipates purchasing a major text in radiation oncology should give this book serious consideration."— Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Key Features

  • Comprehensively reviews each topic, with a distinct clinical orientation throughout.
  • Serves as a foundation for the basic principles that underlie the selection and application of radiation as a treatment modality, including radiobiology, radiation physics, immobilization and simulation, high dose rate, intraoperative irradation, and more.
  • Guides readers through all stages of treatment application with step-by-step techniques for the assessment and implementation of radiotherapeutic options.

New to this Edition

  • Presents latest information on brachytherapy * 3-dimensional conformal treatment planning * sterotactic radiosurgery * and radiolabeled antibodies.
  • Discusses the recent use of radiotherapy in the treatment of primary lymphoma, leukemia, multiple myeloma, and cancers of the prostate and central nervous system.
  • Includes the latest AJCC staging system guidelines.
  • Offers the latest advances in techniques, allowing you to deliver doses precisely to areas affected by malignancy and spare healthy tissue.
  • Presents new chapters on the hottest topics including Three Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy * Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy * Breathing Synchronized Radiotherapy * Plasma Cell Tumors: Multiple Myeloma and Solitary Plasmacytoma * Extracranial Stereotactic Radioablation * and [Imaging of the] Head and Neck * Thorax * Abdomen * and Pelvis.

Table of Contents

- Radiobiologic Principles - Fractionation Effects in Clinical Practice - Chemical Modifiers of Radiation - Prediction of Radiation Response - Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy - Principles of Radiation Physics - Imaging in Radiation Oncology - Three Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy and Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy - Immobilization and Simulation - Breathing Synchronized Radiotherapy - Aspects of Brachytherapy Physics - Instruments and Techniques in Brachytherapy - High Dose Rate Brachytherapy - Total Body Irradiation - Intraoperative Radiation Therapy
- Head and Neck - Thorax - Abdomen - Pelvis
1. Central Nervous System Tumors - Primary and Metastatic Brain Tumors in Adults - Meningeal Tumors - Skull Base Tumors: Chemodectomas - Skull Base Tumors: Chordomas and Chondrosarcomas - Pituitary Tumors - Radiosurgery - Spinal Cord Tumors 2. Head & Neck Tumors - Cancer of the Nasopharynx - Cancer of the Oropharynx - Cancer of the Oral Cavity - Cancer of the Hypopharynx - Cancer of the Larynx - Tumors of the Salivary Gland - Cancer of the Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses - Cancer of the Thyroid 3. Tumors Of The Lung & Mediastinum - Tumors of the Lung, Pleura and Mediastinum 4. Gastrointestinal Tumors - Cancer of the Esophagus - Cancer of the Stomach - Cancer of the Pancreas - Cancer of the Liver, Bile Duct, and Gallbladder - Cancer of the Colon - Cancer of the Rectum - Cancer of the Anal Canal 5. Urologic Tumors - Cancer of the Kidney - Cancer of the Bladder - Cancer of the Prostate - Cancer of the Testis - Cancer of the Male Urethra and Penis 6. Gynecologic Tumors - Cancer of the Uterine Cervix - Cancer of the Endometrium - Cancer of the Ovary - Cancer of the Vagina - Cancer of the Vulva 7. Pediatric Tumors - Pediatric Central Nervous System Tumors - Pediatric Leukemias and Lymphomas - Pediatric Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors - Neuroblastoma and Wilms' Tumor 8. Breast Cancer - Cancer of the Breast 9. Adult Sarcomas - Sarcomas of Soft Tissue - Sarcomas of Bone 10. Lymphomas - Hodgkin's Disease - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Mycosis Fungoides - Plasma Cell Tumors: Multiple Myeloma and Solitary Plasmacytoma 11. Ocular Cancer - Uveal - Retinoblastoma 12. Skin Cancer - Cancer of the Skin 13. AIDS Therapy - HIV-Related Malignancies 14. Benign Disease - Benign Disease
- Particle Radiation Therapy - Hyperthermia - Gene Targeted Therapy - Tumor Targeted Radioisotope Therapy - Clinical Applications of Photodynamic Therapy - Extracranial Stereotactic Radioablation

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