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Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

Kavanagh, B.

PublicadoNoviembre 2005
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This text provides oncology professionals with a practical understanding of the basic science, technical aspects, and clinical indications of extracranial stereotactic radiation (ESR) delivery including radiosurgery, radiotherapy, and radioablation. Coverage includes discussions of relevant classical and molecular radiobiological principles, critical evaluations of currently used techniques of ESR, and background clinical oncology information plus summaries of reported ESR outcomes for patients treated in the lung, liver, and spine.


Introduction (Kavanagh, UC; Timmerman, IU) 3 pp

Prologue: The Clinical Transition from Cranial to Extracranial Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (Lax & Blomgren)—3 pp

I. The Radiobiology of Extracranial Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SBRT) 36 pp
1. Tumor Dose-Response Relationships in SBRT: Do traditional Models Apply? (Fowler & Welsh & Tome) 6 pp
2. The intracellular signaling response to high dose radiation (Dent) 6 pp
3. Normal tissue Dose-constraints in Lung SBRT (Timmerman) 6 pp
4. Normal tissue Dose-constraints in Liver SBRT (Herfarth & Wulf) 6 pp
5. Radiation-induced cytokine production: mechanisms and potential clinical implications (Okunieff) 6 pp
6. Special topics: the dose rate effect, margin selection, and resistant subpopulations (Kavanagh, Cardinale) 6 pp

II. The Physics and Dosimetry of SBRT 24-28 pp
7. Immobilization, Localization, and Repositioning Methods in SBRT (Benedict)— 10 pp
8. Treatment Planning (Papiez & Moskvin) 8-10 pp
9. Quality Assurance in SBRT (Haedinger) 6-8 pp

III. Initiating an SBRT Program 9-12 pp
10. Equipment and physical layout (Steiber & Hinson) 3-4 pp
11. Commissioning and accreditation (Galvin, Ibbot) 3-4 pp
12. Personnel Training (Nedzi) 3-4 pp

IV. Clinical Applications of SBRT approx. 50 pp
13. SBRT for lung tumors (Song & Blomgren) 6-8 p
14. Case Studies in Lung SBRT: 9p
15. SBRT for Liver Tumors (Cardenes & Schefter) 6-8 pp
16. Case Studies in Liver SBRT: 9pp
17. SBRT for renal cell carcinoma (Wersall & Kavanagh) 4-5 pp
18. SBRT in retroperitoneal and pelvic tumors (Buatti & Meeks) 4-5 pp
19. Spinal Radiosurgery (Lovelock) 4-5 pp
20. Case studies in spine Radiosurgery 6 pp

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