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Encyclopedia of Cancer Therapeutic Targets, 2 Vols.

Marshall, J.

PublicadoMayo 2017
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About this encyclopedia.

  • This reference work would be the first of its kind
  • Organized into major sections based on distinct aspects of cancer cell biology, each sub-section (galaxy) would provide comprehensive but brief 4-5 page overviews of the targets (planet), review each ones place in the pathway (solar system), the relevant biology, its potential as a cancer target, any agents being tested or approved, and the available clinical data
  • Each major section would have an overview written by the Section editor to provide context of their "galaxy" in the overall universe of cancer biology

In the past decade, we have experienced an explosion of new information about cancer therapeutic targets. Many of the targets have been validated by the discovery and approval of new medicines which have been approved for the treatment of cancer. On the heels of these successes, innumerable new targets and new potential therapeutics are being developed by many different groups including government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, academic institutions, and individual investigators. Understanding the expanding "universe" of cancer therapies is therefore becoming impossible and no single source exists which serves as a reference for the involved parties. Further, the interested parties have vastly different areas of expertise, from focused laboratory based science, to clinical research, to corporate and regulatory oversight.

The text would be updated every two years, more often depending on pace of change, interest and sales. While useful online, this reference book would likely be kept in hard copy as well.

Content Level » Professional/practitioner

Related subjects » Biomedical Sciences - Cancer Research - Internal Medicine - Molecular Medicine - Oncology & Hematology - Pharmaceutical Science

Table of contents

1.Anti-angiogenic Targets
2.HER2/EGFR Targets
3.Nuclear Receptors
4.Hormone receptors
5.Heme surface markers
6.Other surface markers
8.Proteosome inhibitors
9.PPAR gamma
12.Immune therapies
16.IGF, survival, PI3K, AKT

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