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Manual of Spine Surgery

Vieweg, U. - Grochulla, F.

PublicadoNoviembre 2012
Peso1.354 gramos
Dimensiones22 x 29 x 3 cms.
Disponibilidad7-10 Días
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  • Practical manual with step-by-step instructions
  • Added value through high-end illustrations
  • Covers the latest developments in spinal instrumentation and implants

This manual of instrumented spine surgery has become necessary as a consequence of the rapid expansion of instrumented spine surgery using different minimally invasive and non-fusion techniques. To do justice to this development, the manual aims to present the different techniques to spinal surgeons (orthopaedic, neural and general surgeons) in a clear and instructive way using detailed illustrations. The description of different open, less invasive or minimally invasive techniques will provide the spinal surgeon with useful guidelines for their use. The success of any spinal operation depends on good definition of the indications, consideration of the contraindications, technical and organisational factors, good operating technique and correct preoperative preparation and positioning of the patient. These points are presented in this book as clearly as possible and are illustrated with detailed high quality artwork.

Content Level » Professional/practitioner
Keywords » Anterior - Cervical - Decompression - Fusion - Implant - Instrumentation - Lumbar
Related subjects » Orthopedics - Surgery


  • General aspects of spinal surgery.
  • Anterior upper cervical spine.
  • Anterior cervical spine C3 to C8 (T1).
  • Posterior cervical spine.
  • Anterior thoracic spine.
  • Posterior thoracic spine.
  • Anterior lumbar spine.
  • Posterior lumbar spine.


UWE VIEWEG is Head of the Department of Spine Surgery, Leopoldina Hospital, Schweinfurt, Germany. He is specialized in minimally invasive spine surgery, non-fusion technology, corrections of degenerative scoliosis and high-grade spondylolisthesis as well as quality control of different spine procedures.
FRANK GROCHULLA is Head of the Department of Spine Surgery, EuromedClinic, Fürth, Germany.

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