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Brain Injury - Functional Aspects, Rehabilitation and Prevention

Agrawal, A.

PublicadoMarzo 2012
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The present two volume book "Brain Injury" is distinctive in its presentation and includes a wealth of updated information on many aspects in the field of brain injury. The Book is devoted to the pathogenesis of brain injury, concepts in cerebral blood flow and metabolism, investigative approaches and monitoring of brain injured, different protective mechanisms and recovery and management approach to these individuals, functional and endocrine aspects of brain injuries, approaches to rehabilitation of brain injured and preventive aspects of traumatic brain injuries. The collective contribution from experts in brain injury research area would be successfully conveyed to the readers and readers will find this book to be a valuable guide to further develop their understanding about brain injury.

Book contents

  • Chapter 1: Mental Fatigue; A Common Long Term Consequence After a Brain Injury, by Birgitta Johansson and Lars Rönnbäck
  • Chapter 2: Brain Injury and Cerebral Lateralization, by Şenol Dane
  • Chapter 3: Technology-Based Approaches to Improve Mental Health Outcomes for Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury, by Jane Topolovec-Vranic, Svetlena Taneva, Justin Shamis and Donna Ouchterlony
  • Chapter 4: The Case of Hypopituitarism in Traumatic Brain Injury, by Klose Marianne and Feldt-Rasmussen Ulla
  • Chapter 5: Use of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health in Brain Injury Rehabilitation, by Pavel Ptyushkin, Gaj Vidmar, Helena Burger and Crt Marincek
  • Chapter 6: The Impact of Intensive Community Based Rehabilitation on Community Participation and Life Satisfaction Following Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, by Steven Wheeler
  • Chapter 7: Cognitive Recovery and Rehabilitation After Brain Injury: Mechanisms, Challenges and Support, by Jesper Mogensen
  • Chapter 8: Communicative Impairment After Traumatic Brain Injury: Evidence and Pathways to Recovery, by Francesca M. Bosco and Romina Angeleri
  • Chapter 9: Traumatic Brain Injury: Consequences and Family Needs, by Edilene Curvelo Hora, Regina Márcia Cardoso de Sousa, Maria do Carmo de Oliveira Ribeiro, Mariangela da Silva Nunes, Rita de Cássia Vieira Araújo, Ana Carla Ferreira Silva dos Santos, Carla Kalline Alves Cartaxo and Liane Viana Santana
  • Chapter 10: Traumatic Brain Injury: Short, Long, and Very Long-Term Vocational Outcomes, by Kelli W. Gary and Keith B. Wilson
  • Chapter 11: Driving After Traumatic Brain Injury: Closing the Gap Between Assessing, Rehabilitating and Safe Driving, by Sylvain Gagnon, Andrea Jane Hickey and Shawn Marshall
  • Chapter 12: Helmet Use for the Prevention of Brain Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents, by Concepció Fuentes-Pumarola, Carme Bertran, M. Eugènia Gras, Sílvia Font-Mayolas, David Ballester, Mark J. M. Sullman and Dolors Juvinyà
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