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Symptoms and Signs in Pediatric Surgery

Kaiser, G.

PublicadoEnero 2013
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This concise textbook of pediatric surgery is designed to guide the reader logically from symptoms and signs to diagnosis and treatment. Each chapter is devoted to one of 35 key symptoms and signs, which are organized according to six body regions: head, neck, chest, abdomen, urogenital system, and back. In each case, a brief assessment of the presenting sign/symptom and differential diagnosis is followed by discussion of occurrence, clinical presentation and significance, diagnostic work-up, treatment, and prognosis. Informative tables, illustrations, and up-to-date references are included throughout. Readers will also have access to an e-learning tool developed in collaboration with the Institute of Medical Education, University of Bern, which highlights the characteristics of pediatric surgical disorders and their treatment and includes clinical, radiological, and intraoperative images.


Tumors And Tumor-Like Masses Of The Head.- Macrocrania.- Unconsciousness And Clouding Of Consciousness.- Conspicuous And Abnormal Head Shape.- Externally Visible Malformations Of The Face.- Torticollis.- Tumors, Tumor-Like Masses, And Sinuses Of The Neck.- Mediastinal Tumor.- Respiratory Distress Syndrome In The Newborn.- Respiratory Tract Symptoms In Older Children.- Chest Wall Deformities.- Tumors, Tumor-Like Masses And Anomalies Of The Breast.- Tumors, Tumor-Like Masses And Anomalies Of The Ehest Wall.- Surgical Abdomen .- Chronic Abdominale Pain.- Externally Recognizable Abdominal Malformations.- Swellings Of The Inguinal And Umbilical Region.- Vomiting, Regurgitation, And Dysphagia.- Constipation.- Hematemesis. Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding.- Melaena. Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding.- Abdominal Tumor.- Icterus.- Hematuria.- Urinary Tract Infection.- Disorders Of Micturition.- Genitai Bieedings And Intraiabiai Masses.- Testicular Andler Serotal Swelling (Pain).- Empty Scrotum, Cryptorchidism.- Conspicuous External Genitals.

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