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First Aid, Survival, and Cpr: Home and Field Pocket Guide

Jones, S.

PublicadoJulio 2010
Peso186 gramos
Dimensiones10 x 15 x 3 cms.
EditorialF.A. DAVIS
Disponibilidad7-10 Días
PVP sin IVA24,04  22,84 €

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Be prepared for first aid care and survival in any setting—at home, on the road, outdoors, while boating, hiking, or camping.

From performing CPR on an adult, child, or infant to dealing with bleeding and shock, cuts and broken bones, heart attacks, emergency childbirth, poisoning, drowning, scuba diving mishaps, wilderness survival, and natural disasters such as tornadoes, wildfires, floods, and earthquakes…this portable, waterproof guide helps you quickly find the information you need to develop a plan of action for assessing and treating all kinds of first aid and survival emergencies.

A special feature includes pet safety describing how to assemble a pet first aid kit, performing CPR on a dog and cat, and keeping pets safe during natural disasters.

Keep a copy in your home, car, boat, camper, or backpack and be “ready” when emergencies occur.

Key Features

  • Guidance on how to distinguish major from minor injuries, and ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’.
  • Most current guidelines for…adult, child, and infant CPR and choking emergencies.
  • How to set up and use an AED to save a life!
  • Information on how to build first aid survival kits.
  • Pet safety and first aid, including dog and cat CPR.
  • Identification, evaluation, management, and prevention methods for…medical emergencies • environmental injuries • water emergencies • animal bites and stings • marine-life attacks • trauma • poisonings and • scorpion, snake, spider, and tick stings and bites.
  • Safety and survival during a natural disaster, including a...flood • hurricane • tornado • house fire • wildfire • earthquake • tsunami • volcanic eruption • landslide and mudslide • winter storm and extreme cold.
  • Outdoor survival techniques, including…starting fires • water supplies • water purification • food supplies • shelter • navigation systems • search and rescue • signaling for help.
  • Emergency contact numbers and web sites, including travelers’ health topics (safety, vaccinations, children, and pets) • poison control • scuba divers alert network • weather service • world health organization.
  • Waterproof and reusable, wipe-free pages for taking notes or highlighting information with a ballpoint pen and then erasing clean with an alcohol pad.

Table of Contents

TAB 1. Basic Safety
TAB 3. Medical Emergencies
TAB 4. Injuries and Wounds
TAB 5. Environmental Emergencies
TAB 6. Poisons, Bites, and Stings
TAB 7. Natural Disasters
TAB 8. Outdoor Survival

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