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Microskin Grafting for Vitiligo

Gupta, D.

PublicadoNoviembre 2009
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About this book

Over the last two decades, various surgical therapies have been used in the treatment of stable refractory vitiligo, none of which are very popular due to their intrinsic drawbacks. The cellular graft technique are costly and required a good laboratory and infrastructure and the ultimate results are no better than tissue grafting technique except that these can cover a wide vitiliginous area. Thus no procedure can claim to be the gold standard and, consequently, there is always a need for the technique that gives best results without complications.

Microskin Grafting For Vitiligo describes the technique of using small skin particles prepared from ultra thin or thin split thickness skin grafts in the effective treatment of vitiligo. The technique benefits from a good expansion ratio, e.g. small donor skin to treat a large vitiliginous area. The book’s emphasis is on illustrating the concepts using numerous images and minimal text and thus enables a highly practical evaluation of the procedure. The book highlights that the technique is simple to learn and execute, cost effective, and can treat large areas in one operative session. Therefore, the book will be of interest to not only postgraduate students but also the clinical dermatologist, general practitioner and surgeon.

Written for: Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and institution and hospital libraries

Table of contents

Introduction, Stable vitiligo-Definition, Indication and contraindication for vitiligo surgery, Selection of patient, Methods for surgical repigmentation, Ultra thin micro skin grafting (Definition, Preparation of patient, Pre medication, Planning of loco regional, anesthesia, Equipment needed, Technical detail , Post operative result, Short coming & technical difficulties, Complications, Tips and tricks)

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