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Tooth Preparations. Science and Art

Pagani, C.

PublicadoFebrero 2017
Peso1.000 gramos
Dimensiones21 x 28 x cms.
Disponibilidad3-6 Semanas
PVP sin IVA94,23  89,52 €

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Well-executed cavity preparation remains the primary hallmark determining the success of indirect restorative procedures. This book details the basic principles and sequencing of cavity preparation and outlines the different preparation designs indicated for a varietyof clinical situations. With a focus on biologic care, preservation of tooth structure, and precision, the author provides special guidance on incorporating these principles into daily practice, and the sections on instrumentation underscore how to improve clinicaldexterity and concentration. By featuring sophisticated 3D illustrations throughout to detail each preparation design step by step, this book elevates this fundamental part of operative dentistry to an art form. 


1. Introduction to Indirect Restorations
2. Restoration Planning
3. Principles of Cavity Preparation
4. Intracoronal Restorations
5. Extracoronal Restorations
6. Conservative Preparations: Minimally Invasive Dentistry
7. Preparation of Endodontically Compromised Teeth
8. Milled Adhesive Restorations

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